The central square of Athens Syntagma Square is right in front of the parliament of Greece, opposite the square, where stands a monument to the Unknown Soldier, and the area of   Omonia. Gardens and Parks: National Park (1.5 hectares) - is located next to the Greek parliament, the National Park is a continuation of the Garden Zappiona  Garden Diomedes (150 hectares) in Haidari, Areopagitical forest, grove on the Champ de Mars Grove Wake in GalatiAttic grove on the border municipalities of Athens, Galati and mind; Evangelizmos grove at the hospital, where a bust of the Queen of the Hellenes - Olga K. Romanova and many others. Museums: Archaeological Museum of Ceramics, Byzantine and Christian Museum, National Archaeological Museum, National History Museum, Benaki Museum, The New Acropolis Museum and others. In the north-east of Penteli is a cave, famous for its stalactites and marble from which the Parthenon was built.

In addition, Attica attracted its archaeological remains, in particular, Cape Sounion, which is the temple of Poseidon and Athena. Beaches of Attica Porto Germany, Psata, Alepohori, Cala nisya (Alkionides) located on the coast of the Gulf of Corinth; Kinetta, Pahi, Nea Peramos, Lutropirgos, Eleusis (in the north of the Saronic Gulf); Freatida, Votsalakya, Batis, Alim embankment, the embankment Agiou Kozma, Asteras Glifadas, beaches Vuly, Katramonisi, Cavour, Fleves, embankment Vouliagmeni, Varkiza, and many others, which are located on the shores of the Saronic Gulf.Southern coast of the Gulf Evbeyskogo also famous for its beaches: this is Pasalimani Lavra, Panormos, Makronisos, Porto Rafti drugie.Na and the northern coast of the Gulf stretched beaches Evbeyskogo Rafina, Kokkino Limanaki, Agios Andreas, Nea Makri, Rera, Kalam, Nea House (Oropos) and many others.


City of Athens is located in Central Greece, as the economic, cultural and administrative center of the country. It covers an area of   41.200 acres, sprawled on the central plain of Attica, surrounded by mountains Egaleo, Parnitha, Pendeli and Imittos. The total population of nearly 1/3 of the total population of Greece: According to the latest census conducted in 2011, the population of Athens is equal to 3,074,160 people.
Thus, on a square. miles. accounting for 7,462 residents. Attic climate is dry and, therefore, a low percentage of humidity in the summer time, but during the winter rains often. According to Greek mythology, the city is named in honor of his patron, the favorite daughter of Zeus - the goddess of wisdom Athena, after a dispute with the lord of the seas Poseidon on who of them will be able to present the most useful gift to the city.

Resolve the dispute between the two gods had a mythical king of the city - Kekrop, poluchelovek-poluzmey. Poseidon struck his trident first on the ground, scored from loquacious fontanelle. As soon as the goddess Athena struck her spear against the ground, on the site immediately raised a small olive. Kekrop reasoned that the gift of the goddess Athena is much more useful for life and wealth of the city, by selecting the patroness of the city and giving it its name.

Many hotels in Athens, has been built in the new buildings around the city and the suburbs. Olympics 2004 became a huge chance to the tourism industry and especially for the hotels in Athens which offer all types of facilities and meet the most demanding customers. In Athens, you will find hotels of all categories and all the "stars".

In addition to the luxury and mid-range hotels, the city has also a great number of budget friendly hotels in Athens downtown, which is also very easily accessible by public transport and located in Plaka, Syntagma and Omonoia square. For those who do not want to stay in the center of Athens, there is also a huge selection of hotels at the coast of Attica, which are the best solution during the summer months.

The Athens metropolitan area (Athens - Piraeus) consists of several small towns and settlements, united in a single city. In modern Athens are three communities and 35 municipalities, the largest of which is the municipality of Athens.

In recent decades, significantly increased the number of residents in Piraeus where also located the port, and especially in the municipalities, located between Athens and Piraeus - such as Kallithea, Egaleo, Peristeri and Moschato. In the northern outlying suburbs, where several sets are being built today, the garden neighborhoods, home to the most affluent segment of the population (Kifissia, Nea Eretria, Ekali, Drosia), as well as on the south coast (Glyfada, Alimos, Voula, Vouliagmeni).


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