In addition to beach tourism while on holiday in Greece, great success in domestic and foreign tourists have enjoyed camping: across the country organized scattered up to 314 camping sites, which operate under the sign of the Hellenic Tourism Organization (EOT), giving the visitors a place for camping and caravan accommodation ( trailers). There are small cottages and facilities that offer visitors a wide range of services.
This kind of camping sites are located, in particular, on the Peloponnese (Finikounda, Gifeo, Pylos, Elafonisos, Drepano) in Pelion (Kato Gadzea), Macedonia (Pieria, the peninsula Halkidki, etc.), in Epirus (Sivota) in Thrace (Fanari Komotinis) and, of course, in all tourist resorts - in the Cyclades and Ionian Islands (Eptanisa), and the Dodecanese. Recently in the field of recreation has been steadily growing in Greece and wedding cruise tourism: so, for example, the island of Skopelos, took fourth place among the best wedding destinations worldwide. In addition, all the more common culinary tourism to the promotion of local products, as well as traditional and Mediterranean cuisine.

Greece is an ideal place for conferences and business meetings. Today is holiday in Greece - it is also a unique combination of superb meeting rooms with one-of-a-kind museums, archaeological sites, historic sights, shopping and nightlife, as well as favorable climate, which make Greece a surprisingly attractive to corporate tourism, where possible, literally, to combine business with pleasure: in the country for more than 50 independent conference centers and approximately 300 hotels with a full range of conference services. We must not forget that Greece - monoreligioznaya country where 98% of the population are Orthodox Christians. Here, more than 1,000 active monasteries, where many young men strive for masteries. Because of this holiday in Greece - it is also a development of religious and pilgrimage tourism, which are associated with certain orthodox routes, the main ones are: a visit to the monastic republic, located on Mount Athos (men only), and the famous "heavenly" Meteor, as well as trip to the island of Patmos, Corfu, Evia, Kefallonya and others not less important, the islands of Greece.

Holidays in Greece

The holidays in Greece can be characterized as a "paradise" for all holiday destinations due to its topography: the Greek landscape - it is the alternation of rocky mountains, densely populated valleys, numerous islands, straits and bays.
Holidays in Greece - a picturesque rocks, plains, beaches, exotic caves, which provide great opportunities for a complete physical and mental rest, both at sea and the mountains. It is through such a morphology of the earth are developed all kinds of tourism, ranging from the beach, marine, medical (including hippotherapy), sports and social to the agro and ecotourism (National parks, forests and wetlands), as well as alternative, rock, and winter etc., with the result that the country can take visitors all year round.Foreigners choose holidays in Greece because of its unique natural beauty, benign climate, countless historical monuments, archaeological sites and, in general, numerous attractions, as well as due to the availability, in terms of price and transportation: here is easily accessible by land, air or sea.

Another advantage of the holiday in Greece is that literally every corner of the country is a genuine interest for foreign tourists because of its rich historical heritage, natural features and practices, combining all the advantages of modern civilization with the traditional - be it city or even the remote village of the island or the mainland of the country. Of course, most attention in choosing holidays in Greece, attracting the island. So, for example, Cyclades islands - one of the most famous Mediterranean archipelagos - is a charming combination of white and blue in the Cycladic architecture, incomparable beaches and picturesque chapels to the traditional way of life, island songs and hospitality of the people.

Conversely coast of Asia Minor are the Dodecanese Islands, which fascinate visitors who choose holidays in Greece, magnificent scenery and delightful beaches, rich cultural heritage and traditions. On the Ionian Islands, we can say, just the perfect climate by lush greenery. This is an excellent place to stay in Greece and carefree holiday, thanks to his liking gay people. Perfect for a holiday in Greece and the islands located on the north-east of the Aegean basin: it is Ikaria and Samos and Limnos and Mytilini, Chios, and, as well as small islands, such as Agios Stratis, Fournier, Psara Island - the birthplace klefta famous Greek and Russian nobleman Ioannis Varvakisa (Ivan Andreyevich Varvatsi), famous for the huge and diverse charity, and the island Inusses that provide comfort and are quiet - for adults and for children.Holidays in Greece is associated, of course, and with infinite greens of Crete and the Sporades islands, with their beautiful beaches with crystal water, which annually attract a huge number of tourists from all over the world.

Holidays in Greece - this modern hotel with the whole range of services, apartments, shops, great food and a truly incendiary Greek fun - until late at night, but, rather, until the morning, which, of course, remains in memory for a long time - so that once again want to experience it all in reality.

Actually, all the islands, including the peninsula of Halkidiki, is a perfect place for a family holiday in Greece. And many of the country's amazing beaches for surfing and windsurfing. It should be noted that under the phrase "vacation in Greece" is meant, first of all, the coastline of Greece, whose length is 13.700 kilometers, and it's not just about the heterogeneity of the beach - sand (of gold, white, gray and black sand, fine or coarse), gravel, rocky, isolated (wild) or exotic beaches, reminiscent of the Hawaiian Islands, but even on the shores of the deep and shallow, well-warmed and the sun is so suitable for a safe holiday in Greece, teens and kids, as well as the nature of the bottom - rocky or sandy.

Moreover, next to this or that settlement is not one, but several beaches, many of which are organized and well equipped. In addition, this year's vacation in Greece means 394 beach awarded the Blue Flag for clean beaches and crystal waters.

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